Climate, soil, work… even when these essential conditions are met, it always takes a little something more to make a wine a great wine: the human touch.

From the moment the grapes enter the vats until the wine is bottled, our wine expert attentively monitors each stage. Our objective is to produce delicate and elegant wines while respecting the typicality of our unique terroir.

During the harvest, when the grapes arrive in the vats, we immediately press them in pneumatic presses.

Once pressed, the extracted juice is put into stainless steel vats for static sludge removal for 24 hours to eliminate the larger particles. After this, the wine will undergo alcohol fermentation and, a little later in the winter, malolactic fermentation. Then the wine will be kept in vats over fine lees for a few months in order to bring out all the flavours and express its complexity

We monitor the natural development of the wine to bring out its full delicacy.

After several months of storage, the wine is prepared for bottling, which is done exclusively at the estate. All our installations comply with hygiene and safety rules. Our Chablis wines are then stored in air-conditioned buildings. They are kept in corked bottles, in pallet boxes, until they are labelled and packed in our special unit.


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Stainless steel vats