Vintage 2007
« Great Purity »

The year 2007 has revealed a pretty vintage.
The harvest began on the 12th September, 2 weeks in advance of the usual date, in good sunny conditions.
The early date of harvest was due to exceptional spring temperatures.

The yields in 2007 were reduced when serious hail storms hit in June and July over almost all the Chablis area.
After the early high temperatures the summer was rather cool but the end of August and the beginning of September bought better weather.
Again the Domaine Geoffroy waited a little longer than the rest before picking, waiting for the full benefit of the good conditions to ensure harvesting of the best quality grapes.

The winemaking proceeded perfectly, the first bottling revealed wines that were open, easy and had great purity.

The wines of Chablis 2007 are “super trendy”

These wines are extremely faithful to the classic Chablis style with good acidity beautiful minerality and a full mouth feel.
A style and character that is inimitably Chablis. Wines of minerality, richness and balance, all with an aromatic smell of fresh fruits and citrus flavours.

Thus after a succession of different years, atypical in 2003, rich and balanced in 2005, fresh and elegant in 2006 we have returned to a classic style of wines that will be much sort after, as they reflect the uniqueness of our soils and vineyard sites.

Vintage 2006
« Rich and voluptuous delight »

“After the extreme weather changes of summer, the weather in September eventually became warm and humid”

The understanding of the effects of the weather is essential to understand the characteristics of our 2006 Chablis.

After a cool and wet start to spring, the weather totally changed with the beginning of a long dry and hot period that reminded us of the heat wave of 2003.
At the end of July, some growers were even thinking of harvesting in August!
However, August turned out to be almost autumnal, bringing cool temperatures and cold showers throughout.
Three weeks into August, the Chablis vineyards were in a worrying state.
Then the sun came back at the beginning of September and the vineyards were able to recover from the bad summer but we were still worrying about the unpredictability of the weather...
At the end of September we were able to anticipate, with relief, a normal harvest, the grapes were nicely mature, their acidity preserved and the vines had recovered and were now in an excellent state of health.

The 2006 vintage has produced fresh and fruity Chablis wines, they are extremely flattering and harmonious with pure and fresh flavours.
Early tasting’s reveal wines wines with some lime flavours, hints of fresh and exotic fruits, pink grapefruit, white peach, pineapple and even notes of fig and mango.

These wines show a lot of suppleness and a nice balance.
Their golden shade is very bright and clear, with white gold and pale green reflections.
They have a delicate mineral tone and a powerful yet still elegant style.

Rich and voluptuous, we have some good tasting’s to look forward to!

The 2005 Vintage
«…a vintage filled with charm »

1985, 1995, 2005….
The 2005 vintage follows a sequence of excellent vintages. How can we not question the existence of a “law of sequences” or a “rule of 5” when we see such similarities between these vintages?

These “5” years are remembered as synonymous with concentration, richness, balance and perfect harmony.

85: richness and balance of a remarkable vintage which offers us wines that are perfumed, rich, suave and have a superb minerality.

95: a year with great character and excellent balance. Typical Chablis expression with a pure minerality. These wines will keep exceptionally well.

Alain Geoffroy’s 2005 wines (like those of many of our neighbours) are the best of all in living memory.

With clement weather conditions all summer, sunny and dry during the day and cool at night, all the right conditions came together to make 2005 a wonderful vintage.

An almost perfect balance, with weather conditions that were extremely favourable to the vine, gave natural alcohol levels of between 11.5 and 13% across the vineyards with moderate yields.

The 2005 Chablis are already showing great amounts of charm. It has a splendid colour, which is yellow or white with pale green highlights, clear, shiny and sparkling.

The nose explodes with notes of ripe fruits and the mouth shows good balance, suppleness, a good minerality and lots of roundness. The richness of fruit carries you through a whirlwind of flavours. A true mellowness whets the mouth with notes of exotic fruits.

The 2005 Chablis wines are for the true gourmand. A vintage that will without doubt, give us a great amount of pleasure for many years to come.

The 2003 Vintage
« Strength and character »

2003 is a year like Bourgogne hasnít come across in a very long time. You have to go back at least two centuries to find such hot weather conditions and an early vintage.

The Vinification demanded a lot of attention. From the harvest to the fermentation, we have put all our know-how in order to bring out the entire grapeís potential.

Today, our 2003 Chablis are extremely pleasing and harmonious wines.

The aroma is pure and fruity: pink grapefruit, pear, and litchi. This vintage gives us strong and elegant wines that are soft, extremely pleasant and well balanced in the mouth.

Elegance, freshness, style and charm.

This vintage will stay for long in our memories for its small production and the distinction of our different cuvees.

Alain Geoffroy

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