chablis premier cru beauroy white wine

Appellation Chablis 1er Cru Contrôlée

Technical sheet
Grape variety: Chardonnay
Exposure: South
Age of the vineyard: 30 - 45 years
Geology: Kimmeridgian limestone
Wine-making process: Traditional in temperature controlled tanks
Maturing: in temperature controlled tanks
Ageing: from 5-10 years or more depending on vintage

Food and wine combinations
-Small, rough-shelled ' Creuse' oysters
- Clam salad with hazelnut oil
- Langoustines with creamed sea-urchins
- Pike cooked in chervil butter
- Swordfish filets marinated in lime juice
- Poached turbot in hollandaise sauce
- Bass cooked in white wine with calves sweetbreads
- Fois-gras either goose or duck
- Veal escalope with baby onions
- Poularde de Bresse
- Chaource, Langres or Epoisse cheese
- Caramelized upside-down apple tart



Pale light gold in colour with slight greenish glints.
Bright, luminous and limpid.

The nose
is full of sunshine, gaiety, beauty and maturity.
A rich, splendid bouquet of a multitude of flowers.
A basket of fruit on a fresh summers morning.

is full and round - a perfect balance of rich, powerful flavours and finesse, mellowness and freshness. Everything that was so appealing on the nose reaffirms itself on the taste. The finish leaves us blissfully happy with mouthfilling voluptuousness.

Serving temperature:
10 to 12° as an aperitif or for the pleasure of tasting,
12 to 14° served with a meal.