The Museum:
The Vine and Corkscrew Museum displays a rich array of corkscrews, traditional tools and tasting cups, collected by Alain Geoffroy over many years.

There is a display of 1500 corkscrews (from the 19th century to the present day) English, French, German, Italian, even American, all kinds and all models: knotted, lever-action, zig-zag, kieffer, polichinelle, thomason, presto… etc

As well as many traditional tools, also on display: marc cutters, barrel scales, bottling equipment, secateurs sulphate sprayers… retrace the daily life of yesterday’s wine-producers.

And a collection of silver tasting-cups also adorns this unique private collection tucked away in the cellars of the Domaine Alain Geoffroy.

Outils du vigneron

Hotte de vendange

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